Herring Run 2 (by MaggieDu)

(by Joanna Vaughan)

Cape Cod Tidal Flats (by Chris Seufert)

Cape Cod Bay Tidal Flats (by Chris Seufert)

P1081139 (by claymore2211)

Cape Cod Cat Tail (by Chris Seufert)

Not Going Anywhere Soon (by genkimonkey)


 brewster ladies’ library book sale

Color Rays (by SueZinVT)

CC 2013 - Wednesday (15) (by J&MReams)


I finally had a day off this weekend, and took the opportunity to enjoy low tide, among other things. 


Went to walk along a beach in Brewster this evening. Turned out to be low tide and the water went so far out that there were boats on land. I played with hermit crabs and sea snails in little pools like a child. It was the best. This is my first iPhone panorama. I’m so cool.

Stony Brook Herring Run (by brucetopher [catching up on old photos])

Breakwater Beach (by PJD-DigiPic)