West Dennis Beach (by beachtime12)

On the Wing (by kman5847)

DSC_2002 (by Jabs4444)

Parula Warbler (by nybray)

fort hill marsh with great blue heron (by joghadban)

Goldfinch and Peach Blossoms (by brucetopher [catching up on old photos])

Piping Plover (by beachtime12)

Cape Shorebird (by beachtime12)

Song Sparrow (by Scott (sfinley_nh))

Keeping Vigil (by Steve Bosselman)

Northern Harrier - Albanella reale (Circus cyaneus) (by Chiara Cecchinato)

Seagull in flight (by PJD-DigiPic)

Cedar Waxwing - Beccofrusone (Bombycilla garrulus) (by Chiara Cecchinato)

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