Cape Cod Pilot Whale Stranding (by Chris Seufert)

A pilot whale stranded Monday afternoon on Hardings Beach in Chatham, Cape Cod. The Cape Cod Stranding Network and the International Fund for Animal Welfare were called in to provide basic medical support until a bulldozer and flatbed truck could arrive. Moist blankets kept the marine mammal wet on the frigid winter beach until 5:30 when the trucks arrived to begin the process of transportation to a facility where more substantial medical care could be provided.

IMG_2597 (by alan belanich)

Snowy Owl (Bubo Scandiacus) Civetta delle Nevi (by Chiara Cecchinato)

Snowy Owl Irruption, Nantucket-2 (by ghinson)

On the Wing (by kman5847)

First view of the Atlantic Ocean (by Alex Danielle Travelling)

Gray Seal (by RockN)

IMG_2016_au (by thebiblioholic)

Laughing Gulls at Nauset Light Beach, Cape Cod, MA (by lalo_pangue)

tail breach (by tattoo46nj)

Cape Cod (by lorislferrari)

breach (by tattoo46nj)

Piping Plover (by beachtime12)

DSC_0019 (by Putneypics)

Hundreds of seals along Cape Cod southern coast (by Bob Gundersen)